An exhibit of 25 of Chai Zu Shun’s contemporary paintings was held at the Shanghai Cultural and Historical Research Institute from September 11-15. The show was the first stop in an international tour that goes next to Hong Kong and Macau. Exhibits are also being planned in Taiwan, Singapore, London and New York.

The Hong Kong exhibit will be held at the City Hall High Block at 5 Edinburgh Place in Central from Oct. 11-17. In Macau, Chai’s paintings may be viewed at the UNESCO Centre on Alameda Drive from October 18-22.

During the opening ceremonies in Shanghai, Tong Xin Zhai’s U. S. representative Carole Gorney, told the more than 70 attendees that they were privileged to live in the midst of a true artistic master, and to experience the wonders of Chai’s mental imagery paintings.

“This is a privilege not shared by the rest of the world,” she said, “but that is changing. Today we open an exhibit that is part of an international tour. Professor Chai’s master works will be shared with the world so that others can appreciate and revere the paintings of China’s great contemporary artist.”


Text of Opening Ceremonies Speech

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