Featured Painting: “Gallop”

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Click the image to enlarge. “Gallop is one of Chai Zu Shun’s early mental imagery paintings that he started creating in 2003, so it contains more realistic subject matter than later, more abstract works.  As Chai himself says of the evolution of his artistry, “I began to think about mingling the traditional Ch ...

Examine the Political Influences of Contemporary Chinese Artists at Tong XinZhai Art Gallery

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The 20th century was a period of great flux within China, especially within the political environment. The century began with the overthrow of the Ming Dynasty in 1911, followed by years of leadership turmoil, Japanese occupation, the Cultural Revolution under Mao Zedong’s authoritarian rule, and the ultimate transition into the years of rising economic development in the late 1990s.  The art b ...

Tong XinZhai Art Gallery Outlines the Three Unique Elements that Make Chai Zu Shun Standout among Contemporary Chinese Painters

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There are artists whose names  leap from the page in articles about their work.  These are the renowned people who are able to craft unique pieces of art. While it is often said that artists must take inspiration from others, each artist must make a name for himself by honing his own abilities and creating a collection of works that are uniquely his own. Chai Zu Shun is one of the few contempora ...

Three Reasons Why the Paintings of Chai Zu Shun at the Tong Xin Zhai Art Gallery Offer the Ideal Introduction to Contemporary Chinese Painting

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Art connoisseurs from around the world are now reviewing the rich history of Chinese painting and discovering pieces that have been long forgotten by historians and arts lovers alike. From the likes of Qiu Ying in the classic period of the Ming Dynasty to the contemporary work of experts such as Chai Zu Shun, Chinese painting continues to offer an insight into generational concepts and transformat ...

An introduction to Chai Zu Shun

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One of the greatest Chinese painters of the 21st century If you love Chinese art, you might have heard of one of China’s foremost painters whose work is making waves in the world of contemporary art. His name is Chai Zu Shun, a renowned artist known for his prowess in both Western painting techniques and Chinese art. He is particularly revered for his mental imagery paintings, as well as his unc ...

Three Constant Themes within the Art of Chai Zu Shun

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Chai Zu Shun is renowned for his mental imagery paintings, and for being a leading name in contemporary Chinese art. His paintings on Nijin paper set him apart as one of the most renowned contemporary artists of the 21st century. Every great artist works within themes. Pablo Picasso’s paintings went through a variety of metamorphoses beginning with the depictions of traveling circus performers t ...

What were Chai Zu Shun’s inspirations?

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Honored as the great master of tiger painting in China, Chai Zu Shun is a renowned contemporary artist with an enormous collection of fine artwork. The themes of Chai Zu Shun art work range from creatures, flowers, mountains, seasons, totem, religion and universe – so diverse, yet the vibrant images have a hidden message in common, a message seeking harmony and tranquility. An inspiration is th ...

What Are The Challenges Faced By A Modern Chinese Artist Such As Chai ZuShun?

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Chinese painting has undergone numerous transformations throughout history. The earliest of these paintings were merely for decorative purposes, consisting of certain designs and patterns. Various dynasties also had large effects on the way art developed. It wasn’t until the Warring States period, when artists began creating representational paintings. To fully understand the type of challenges ...

How Does Chai Zu Shun Compare With Other Contemporary Chinese Artists?

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Chinese art has roots embedded deep into Chinese culture. It dates as far back as 10,000 BC, where it mostly consisted of sculptures and simple pottery. Chinese paintings have seen dramatic transformations over time with the numerous successions of ruling dynasties of Chinese emperors, many of which lasted a few hundred years. Chinese art work is, without any doubt, the oldest tradition in the wo ...

How Has Chai Zu Shun’s Art Evolved Over Time?

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The renowned contemporary artist, Chai Zu Shun, was born to a highly educated family of Shanghai in 1935. He began painting when he was only six years old, and officially began his career as an artist by joining the Shanghai Fine Arts College to study under various traditional masters of Chinese painting. His art has evolved and advanced during the past decades. Graduation from Fine Arts College ...

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