• Contemporary Mental Imagery Paintings, Macau Exhibit, UNESCO Centre, 2013
  • Contemporary Mental Imagery Paintings, Hong Kong Exhibit, City Hall High Block Art Gallery, 2013
  • “Dragon Back,” Olympic Fine Arts Exhibition, London, 2012. Mr. Chai was among 500 painters worldwide who were honored.
  • “Early Spring,” “Temptation from the Heaven” and “Images of the Five Mountains,” (color-splash mental imagery), Shanghai-Taipei Cultural Innovation Industry Exhibition, 2010
  • “Takeoff,” Painting Exhibition of Tiger Year and National Exhibition of Traditional Chinese Paintings,” 1998
  • “Forest in Jing Gang Mountain,” “Pine Trees Deeply Rooted in the Soil of Jing Gang Mountain” and “Chairman Mao Came to Shanghai for the Second Time,” Shanghai Fine Arts Exhibition, 1984, and collected in the Annual Pictorial Journal, 1984
  • “Gazing at the Sky—A Portrait of Qi Bai Shi,” “General Liu Bo Cheng Commanding A Decisive Battle” and “A Portrait of Dr. Sun Yat Sen,” Shanghai Oil Painting and Portrait Exhibition, 1983
  • “Madam Sun Yat Sen—A Pure and Noble Woman” (oil painting), Shanghai Art Exhibition, 1982
  • “Jiuzhaigou Valley,” “Cockscomb” and “Ethnic Groups,” Shanghai Watercolor Paintings Exhibition, 1982
  • “Premier Zhou Inspecting Shanghai No.1 Steel Mill,” Shanghai Art Exhibition, 1981
  • “Comrade Wang Yu Fang: A Municipal Model of Scientific Research,” Shanghai Portrait Exhibition of Popular Science, 1981
  • “Sterility Test,” Shanghai Art Exhibition, 1981
  • “New Long March in Spring,” Jiangsu Traditional Chinese Paintings Exhibition, Shanghai, 1974
  • “Chairman Mao Inspecting Shanghai No.1 Steel Mill,” Shanghai Industrial Product Exhibition, 1970
  • Sketches at the Shanghai Sketches Exhibition, 1967
  • “Spring in Shanghai Suburb” and “Sunlight Penetrating into the Room,” East China Traditional Chinese Paintings Exhibition, 1957

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